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Creamy Keto Bulletproof Coffee Protein Drink (YUM!)

By Evelyn

Odds are that if you’re at all familiar with the keto diet, you’ve heard about bulletproof coffee. It’s typically made by blending together a high quality coffee roast with (preferably grass-fed) butter and your choice of either coconut oil or MCT oil. The resulting coffee is deliciously creamy and loaded with healthy fats. This creamy keto bulletproof coffee protein drink recipe takes everything great about bulletproof coffee and add in a significant amount of protein. The end result is a truly delicious protein drink that’s perfect for making either as a quick and easy breakfast or for a post-workout recovery drink.

Keto Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Super Easy to Make, Super Satisfying to Enjoy

This recipe is actually somewhat similar to making a regular cup of bulletproof coffee. The main difference is you’ll be using two shots of espresso instead of regular coffee and leaving out the butter. You’ll start by adding the two espresso shots into a blender along with two tablespoons of either MCT oil or melted coconut oil. Both options work perfectly well when making this drink, and I’ve regularly used each of them when making standard bulletproof coffee. I have to give the slight edge to MCT oil though, as it’s a more efficient fuel source for keto dieters that helps to quickly enter ketosis. Studies have also found that coconut oil has less satiating properties than MCT oil, meaning you’ll feel more satisfied when opting for the medium chain triglycerides. (1)

Add in 1 ½ cups of your choice of milk – dairy, nut, etc. And while I recommend using whey protein powders, I personally tend to avoid dairy milk as much as possible. With that being said, I’d recommend making this recipe with unsweetened almond milk. It offers a tasty mix of essential vitamins and minerals, and even provides some of the same great health benefits as raw almonds do, such as lowering your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. (2)

Keto Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Keto Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

You can also optionally add in a bit of liquid Stevia to sweeten the taste of the drink a little bit, but in all honesty, it’s not really necessary. This protein drink tastes amazing even without it. Likewise, you can optionally use ½ cup of ice if you’d like – it’s again totally up to you. Once you’ve added all of your ingredients into the blender, simply blend until smooth and then serve the drink immediately.

Keto Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Keto Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

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Keto Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Creamy Keto Bulletproof Coffee Protein Drink (YUM!)



2 espresso shots

1 ½ cup milk of choice (dairy milk, nut milk, etc.)

2 tsp MCT or melted coconut oil

1 scoop (1 oz) vanilla or mocha protein powder

liquid stevia to taste (optional)

½ cup ice (optional)


  1. Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Serve immediately.

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  1. Um, I gotta say YUM!!!! I tried this recipe this morning and its a keeper! I love the blended frothiness, I feel like I went to Starbucks but at a fraction of the price. Thank you for an awesome recipe 🙂

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